Jobber Radio Ep.39 - This Show is Too Long

Jobber Radio Episode Thirty Nine -- "This Show is Too Long" (12/24/16)

Hosted by: Rab, Matt Zion & Bomber

- This Christmas Eve we celebrate wrestling with the cast of Jobber Radio! The group discusses how the WWE Roadblock PPV went. Now that the Sasha Banks & Charlotte feud is over how well was it done? Did the title really need to change hands seven times? Bomber seems to be the only one who thinks RAW is picking up steam while Rab & Matt Zion say it is still too horrible to watch. We don't have the Slammies but the crew gives their picks for Match of the Year, Breakout Star of the Year, Let Down of the Year and sort of PPV of the year. Have you ever asked yourself who has the best clothesline in the business? That is the topic for the Best in the Business segment! All that and more on this Christmas Edition of Jobber Radio! Also don't forget to follow us on twitter @JobberRadio. Enjoy the show!


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