Jobber Radio Ep.42 - He Needs An ACL Tear

Jobber Radio Episode Fourty Two -- "He Needs An ACL Tear" (2/10/17)

Hosted by: Lee, Rab, Scott & Bomber

- Maybe it is a bit harsh but listen to most of the crew lash out at the Royal Rumble match including Rab wishing injury upon a superstar! Things get heated as the guys take a in depth look into the hour long Rumble match and where the WWE may be going for Wrestlemania. Bomber even catches a lot of heat about jinxing the Rumble by bringing up Orton's name which you will hear in a quick flashback to the last episode. Discussion is brought up about John Cena and his 16 World Champions, will he break the record or will he end his carer in a tie? Oh and yeah the Elimination Chamber PPV is coming up in a few days, can't forget to talk about that right? Don't forget to follow us on twitter @JobberRadio. Enjoy the show!


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