Jobber Radio Ep.45 - Wrestlemania 33 Predictions

Jobber Radio Episode Fourty Five -- "Wrestlemania 33 Predictions" (3/31/17)

Hosted by: Rab, Matt Zion, Lee, Scott & Bomber

- Wrestlemania 33 is this weekend and the Jobber Radio crew are here for more PPV predictions! With 13 matches listed on the card there is a whole lot to talk about and breakdown. Will Rab's undefeated prediction streak stay intact or will someone dethrone him? Bomber tries to poll the group to see who thinks the build up for this years Wrestlemania has been good and a fight almost breaks out. This is a full match by match discussion leading into the years biggest show so strap in and enjoy THE ULTIMATE THRILL RIDE! We will be live tweeting this PPV so don't forget to follow us on twitter @JobberRadio.


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