Jobber Radio Ep.46 - Wrestlemania 33 Review

Jobber Radio Episode Fourty Six -- "Wrestlemania 33 Review" (4/14/17)

Hosted by: Peanut, Rab, Lee, Scott & Bomber

- So Wrestlemania 33 came to a close, listen to what the Jobber Radio crew have to say about the 7 hour long ULTIMATE THRILL RIDE! You get to hear the overall reaction to the show as well as a match by match breakdown. It doesn't get any more in-depth than that! The show is so big that even Peanut jumps in the mix! He did predict Mojo Rawley winning the Battle Royal so we had to hear how he came to that conclusion! This is the full card discussion you need to here, all things Wrestlemania 33! Don't forget to follow us on twitter @JobberRadio. Enjoy the show!


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