Jobber Radio Ep.48 - We Hinder The Jinder

Jobber Radio Episode Fourty Eight-- "We Hinder The Jinder" (5/12/17)

Hosted by: Peanut, Lee, Scott & Bomber

- How did everyone feel about Payback and just how bad was the House of Horrors Match? This past week was a really bad week for the WWE with injuries and just terrible writing on RAW and Smackdown, the crew had a few choice words. Jinder Mahal is still one of the biggest things buzzing around the wrestling world right now but how exactly is this happening? Bomber breaks down some shocking stats behind Jinder's career win/loss record. All this and tons more on this episode of Jobber Radio. Matt Zion & Rab are still alive, just out of town and couldn't make it... AGAIN! Don't forget to follow us on twitter @JobberRadio. Enjoy the show!


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