Jobber Radio Ep.50 - The Big 50

Jobber Radio Episode Fifty-- "The Big 50" (6/9/17)

Hosted by: Peanut, Matt Zion, Lee, Scott, & Bomber

- We made it guys! 5 years since our debut we have hit episode 50! The cast gives their thumbs up or thumbs down on WWE Extreme Rules and talk about just how screwed the women's division is right now. Mainly Bayley. Money in the Bank is a couple weeks away so would does everyone think will pull down the briefcase? Then there is a heated, and we mean HEATED discussion over Brock Lesnar as Universal Champion. You don't want to miss this episode guys! Here's to the NEXT 50! Don't forget to follow us on twitter @JobberRadio. Enjoy the show!


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