Jobber Radio Ep.53 - 4 Star Podcast

Jobber Radio Episode Fifty Three -- "4 Star Podcast" (8/4/17)

Hosted by: Matt Zion, Rab, Scott & Bomber

- Fresh off of WWE Battleground the crew talk about what they liked and what was just down right horrible. Bomber says he thought that Punjabi Prison Match wasn't that bad and gets destroyed for his comments. That actually appeared to be the theme of this episode. A lot has happened since Battleground and pretty much every WWE headline and story is covered. Will Enzo be fired? How dead on arrival is Jason Jordan? How awesome will the SummerSlam main event be? Why is Orton Vs. Rusev a thing? How in the world did Nakamura beat Cena? Plus tons of other topics covered, RIGHT HERE, on the best 4 star podcast in the world! Don't forget to follow us on twitter @JobberRadio. Enjoy the show!


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